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Separation of Siblings in New York Custody Cases

Every now and then a custody case comes along where a parent proposes to separate siblings.  The reasons that I have heard put forth for such an idea invariably are lame and have more to do with the parents’ problems

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Custody Determinations with Special Needs Children in New York

Custody cases in general are among the more difficult domestic relations cases. Custody cases that involve children with special needs are even more challenging for parents and attorneys. Courts have recognized the “unique challenges” presented by children with special needs

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Temporary Maintenance Cannot Be Paid in Eggs, Produce and Vegetables

New York adopted temporary maintenance guidelines in 2010.  Since their introduction these guidelines have been the source of a significant amount of litigation.  The statute contains a formula for the calculation of the presumptive amount of temporary maintenance.  It also

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Separate Property in New York

In New York marital property is subject to equitable distribution in a divorce action.  So it is important to know exactly what marital property is.  It also is important to understand this concept before one gets knee deep into a

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Annulment in New York

An annulment is a legal action that determines that the marriage is not legally valid.  A divorce terminates a valid marriage.  You do not hear of many marriages being annulled in New York and that is because there are very

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The Relevance of Adultery in Custody Cases

In our age where the moral stigma of divorce is almost gone, there is still a certain stigma to adultery.  Although people who have affairs no longer are branded with a scarlet letter, most people are a little leery of

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